A Proper Read on Real Estate

It helps to learn from an expert. Here's what we've seen around Downtown Toronto…

The Impact of Beautiful Photos


In a real estate market that’s as hot as our current one, it would seem that anything will sell quickly and at a high price.

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Tips for Tenants – How to get your offer accepted


The rental market in Toronto has been getting increasingly tighter with each passing month.

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The State of Barbara Ann Scott Park

Parks & Recreation

Tucked into the centre of a high-density downtown block is a diamond in the rough.

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100 Davenport Condo Proposal


As further real estate development occurs in downtown Toronto, pricier and more dramatic architecture…

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Real Estate Market Predictions

Real Estate Stats

As we come to the close of 2015, I’m reflecting on the varied recent reports on the real estate market predictions I’ve been reading.

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About The Ryerson Student Learning Centre


Love it or hate, the Ryerson Student Learning Centre is a standout building along Yonge Street.

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The Impact of Beautiful Photos