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Tenant opportunities knock at YC Condos

March 8, 2019 | Real Estate Perspectives

In the intensely fast-paced and high-priced downtown Toronto rental market, there are seldom opportunities for tenants to have the upper hand when renting a condo unit. But every once in a while, the stars align for tenants… like right now at YC Condos at Yonge & Grenville.

Here’s why starting your rental search as a tenant at YC Condos will have you in a very advantageous position at the moment:

Loads of available units

With the construction of YC Condos coming to a close, a huge number of investor-purchased rental units are hitting the market at the same time. This means a healthy percentage of units to choose from in terms of layout and pricing. It also means that there are likely way more landlords and available units than there are tenants, so landlords will be scrambling over any tenant applicants just to ensure that their units get leased. When was the last time you heard of a landlord doing that in downtown Toronto!

Get in just before the busy spring/summer market

The Bay & Yonge Street Condo Corridors are known for ridiculously heated real estate markets from about May to August each year, since many of the residents in the neighbourhood are guided by the school calendar at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. Timing things right for yourself and getting into the market before everyone starts their spring and summer search means that you have way less competition to worry about and a better chance to negotiate an excellent price on a unit, so long as you can move in quickly.

Access tonnes of listings that are not on MLS

The unique thing about these units at YC Condos right now is that they are not currently on the MLS, so few people know about their availability. Only certain connected real estate agents have access to these units, and we at The Condo Lounge are just one of those select people! With dozens and dozens of units that we can access in a flash and show you at a moment’s notice, it’s like having your own secret database of listings that no one else in the general public is aware of!

Make it happen!

This is THE time to rental at Yonge & College with YC Condos looking to fill up fast and furious. To get in on the action, reach out today right here to lock in a low-priced lease on a great unit in the heart of the city!

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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a one bedroom apartment near SickKids Hospital. I will start working there as a pediatrician for 5 years starting from April 2019.
    What are the available options? Could you provide floor plans and pictures?

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