One Bloor

McEwan at One Bloor brings new gourmet food options to the neighbourhood

February 1, 2019 | Neighbourhood

The gourmet McEwan grocery store, food boutique and hot & cold meal bar is now open to the public at the base of One Bloor!

Just a short elevator ride down for the residents of One Bloor, on the south east corner of Yonge & Bloor in downtown Toronto, is a new grocery store and luxurious canteen-style eatery, aptly called “McEwan” in its celebrity chef owner’s namesake. This newest addition to the Mark McEwan Group of restaurants and food destinations is a sprawling mix of food stations with hard-to-find products and ingredients, all across the P1 level of One Bloor.


To imagine the experience, think of it as a blend between the size, scale, and offerings of a Whole Foods Market and a Pusateri’s, both of which also happen to be close by within a 10 minute walk to McEwan (in case the impossible happens, and you can’t find what you’re looking for!). The hot and cold bars display an array of creative and interesting choices for lunch and dinner, while the rest of the store features an impressive deli, meat & cheese counter, along with a bakery, patisserie, gourmet dried and canned goods section, and a fresh produce area.

It’s a little like taking a stroll through a village market, where you’d come across your bread stall, then a pastry counter, an area for fine chocolate, etc. All with a surprise around each corner of the store.


The main draw for McEwan, particularly with the busy crowd of people working and living in the area, are the prepared food sections. This eatery will provide almost countless take-out options, and a spot to purchase top-notch quality items that can be hard-to-find in a regular grocery store. There are lots of unique imported items, such as these regional sausages I spotted, which come in a surprisingly large variety, that are made in the French Alps.