Highlights from the Toronto Interior Design Show 2019

January 21, 2019 | Design

I had the pleasure of visiting the Toronto Interior Design Show this past weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This show kicks off at the same time as the DesignTo Festival, which hosts all sorts of displays, talks and exhibits on design across disciplines from January 18th to 27th. Visiting the show was a feast for the senses, with beautiful shapes, colours and textures amongst some very creative ingenuity.

My favourite concepts were:

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

Imagine a fridge with a built-in giant tablet that can play music, share family calendars, display rotating family photos, order food directly from the grocery store for either in-store pick-up or delivery to your door. And most exciting is the multi-camera function that will synch with your smart phone so that you can see what’s in your fridge in real time while you’re in the grocery store! No more accidental duplicates of ingredients or needless food spoilage either. This product definitely changed my mind about what a fridge can do! Check it out here on the Samsung website if you’re curious about upgrading your next fridge to the fridge of the future.


Solutions by Natart: Space Optimizing Furniture

This compact & space saving furniture coming is coming to the Canadian market in 2019, but in the meanwhile, they were showing off their stuff at the Interior Design Show. They’re still so new that at the time of this writing, they don’t even have a fully functioning website with images of their products yet! (Hopefully that will change by the time you click on this link to their website.) Very compact folding chairs, a large dinner party table that can emerge from a small side table, and many more transforming pieces of furniture. Keep an eye on them in the future!

We’re always keeping our eyes out for not only real estate trends, but design and home interior trends as well. That made this weekend a treat to see what’s cooking for the future of design inside people’s homes and condos.

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