Update on Aura Interior

June 6, 2014 | Homeowners

One of the expressed marvels in the original Aura Condo brochure was the grand lobby off of the Gerrard Street roundabout. As is always the case, there have been some changes between the initial plans and renderings to the resulting final product, as six years forward can be tricky to plan. Let’s take a read through the builder’s descriptions from 2008 and have a look at the resulting photos taken below:

“Only a building of Aura’s stature could redefine The Grand Entrance. As a prelude to Aura’s main lobby, you experience a soaring, two storey, glass enclosed public gallery filled with light. Within this fifteen hundred square foot space, art and sculpture are set against a dazzling view of the adjacent 3 acre park, to one side, and a water sculpture rises from the floor to herald your arrival.


Passing though the residential entrance at the far end, you enter the lobby to Aura, an intimate space of understated elegance, filled with muted tones and subdued lighting. A curved wall of glass is the backdrop for the concierge’s desk and the perfect counterpoint to the bank of high speed elevators set into polished black granite, their black glass doors stand open, ready to take you home.”

I would agree that the lobby is definitely “soaring”! I’d even say it’s taller than suggested as it’s two commercial stories, which is roughly equivalent to four residential stories. The art is bold and has great presence in the public gallery.

What I do like is that once the construction barriers are removed from around the lobby, there will be a open feeling from the building and into the public park. In the evenings, people will be able to relax in the park with a gallery space softly glowing in the background. It’s a nice touch that I had not considered until I saw how everything came together.

Regarding the lobby area proper, there is a nice collection of living room-like furniture to allow guests or residents to remain cozy as they wait, with more sculptures and paintings on exhibit too.

There will likely be more touches added and finalized in the coming weeks, but in the meanwhile, I’m sure the current residents at Aura Condos are just happy to finally have use of their long-awaited lobby!