Property Management Toronto

Toronto Property Management

March 18, 2024 | Property Management

Do you own a tenanted condo? Are you looking for complete Toronto property management services for your investment property? Whether you’re a local investor or an overseas owner, all of your typical monthly landlord responsibilities can be taken care of dutifully and reliably at The Condo Lounge. It’s perfect for any landlord who is too busy to take on the multitude of typical landlord duties.

The property management arm of The Condo Lounge takes care of rent collection, maintenance requests, expense payouts, tenant communication, accounting, and more. It’s the most stress-free way to be a landlord! Every month, you will receive a statement that lists the month’s activity, along with an update on anything worth noting about your property. At the same time, you’ll receive an e-transfer of your monthly net profit with all expenses already taken care of for you. It’s simple and dependable!

With nearly ten years of Toronto property management experience for condos, we organize around systems that work. Fine-tuned over years of experience, we know what to look out for, who to recommend, and how to get it done. Our task management scheduling makes sure that nothing ever gets overlooked. We’re always one step ahead on all of the monthly and yearly things to do for your property.

Find out more about what our services cover on our Toronto property management page here. Reach out directly for answers to any of your questions!