The Impact of Beautiful Photos

March 1, 2018 | Selling

In a real estate market that’s as hot as our current one, it would seem that anything will sell quickly and at a high price. I do believe that there’s a grain of truth in that, but fundamentally, I’m convinced that the selling price can be maximized if you make sure to include some really basic but often missing elements to your real estate listing. In my experience it’s paramount, and quite frankly a non-negotiable if I’m going to put my name and brand behind a listing, that no matter the property there is going to be a full package of beautiful visuals to compliment the property.

I can’t tell you how many times I’m on the search for buyer clients and I completely click past a listing on MLS that is poorly lit, and apparently cramped in size from un-level photos taken with a small camera lens (not all cell phones take great photos!), or worse, has no interior photos at all, which I simply pass through because it doesn’t even seem worth it to make the effort to visit the property in person. Basically, if I did proceed to check out a the listing in person, I’d have to book an appointment, schedule and co-ordinate with my buyer clients, spend time travelling to the property, but only to open the door to an unknown surprise, so why bother to do that if there are so many question marks hanging over my head about how things will look upon arrival? Sometimes it’s good after all, but more often than not it’s an unpleasant surprise that greets me and my clients. And so the question is, why as a listing agent would you leave people in suspense of what they’re going to visit?

Why not showcase the listing in the best possible way with professional photography, an up-to-date floor plan, a virtual tour, and with the unit presented properly staged and/or decluttered with its best features brought forward?

It astounds me how these basics in marketing and advertising simply aren’t followed by so many individuals, and to the determinant of the seller’s eventual selling price. Time and again, properties that aren’t showcased to the best of their ability result in lower selling prices. It’s just not financially worth it to skip out on the preparatory work required to properly launch a listing with amazing visuals. It brings buyers in, it gets agent showing appointments booked, and it results in a higher sale price for the seller. It’s a no-brainer!