Larissa Doherty

I’ve called this area home for over a decade. The convenience, the growth, and the people have made it unforgettable.

I’ve been working in this part of Toronto since 2008, but I’ve been a local since 2007. In that time, I’ve seen the changes to the area firsthand. The towering condos, the emergence of new businesses, and the underground pathways that link them all. I know all about them, because they make up my daily routine.

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Larissa Doherty
Larissa Doherty


Phone: 416-466-2090

When clients work with me, they know they’re getting better insight; I know what it means to live in a condo here and the lifestyle it provides. At the same time, I know the market, the units, and what you can expect whether you’re buying or selling. I work in this area, I live in this area, I know this area.

“You may have heard horror stories of disinterested or pushy agents. Larissa is the opposite. You could not ask for a more reliable, diligent, and trust-worthy broker than Larissa to help you through the process of buying a home, whether this is your first home or your “forever” home.”

– L. Vecchio

Coming from the world of classical piano, I know the value of specialization. I’ve travelled the world, played in ensembles, and have come home to help people find theirs.

I’ve based my work on thorough knowledge of the area, knowing the buildings both inside and out, and providing a level of service that goes above and beyond. I am prompt, responsive, insightful, and strategic – when we work together, you’ll quickly see the value of a hyper-local approach.

Larissa Doherty

Looking to get in touch? Please fill out this form and you'll hear back from me very soon. Please note that at present, I am only able to take on work with Sellers, Buyers, and Landlords. (Apologies to all of my Tenant friends! Keep up the good search online!)