Progress on One Bloor

November 23, 2015 | Pre-Construction

For those not living or working near downtown Toronto, I’m sure you’re curious about the status of the project. Here’s a photo update on the progress on One Bloor as of Monday, November 23, 2015.

A lot of the glass has gone up around the podium of the tower, which has allowed for the stand-out curved sections to come through beautifully.

It was interesting to watch how the pedestrians reacted to One Bloor as they passed by. Clearly those people who don’t frequent the neighbourhood to see the building often were stopping to stare and point at the tower. It is a rather impressive size and a compelling design for anyone to see!

The occupancy for the lower floors is still estimated for spring 2016, so it will be a while before any interior shots can be enjoyed. In the meanwhile, there is plenty of ogling to be done on the exterior as the entire building takes shape.

As the building takes shape, more interest from buyers and sellers is surfacing, with questions about pricing and assignment availability. Although it’s still too early to officially assign with the builder, I’ve seen some sellers listing for in and around the $1,000/sq.ft. price point right now. Until some of these assignment sales go through in the spring of 2016, we won’t yet be able to establish a market value trend, since $1,000/sq.ft. is setting the trend upwards for the neighbourhood for a building that isn’t of the caliber of The Four Seasons or The Hazleton Hotel. It will definitely be interesting to see how the buyer pool reacts to these prices.