City Rising

October 18, 2012 | Neighbourhood

Do you ever get that sense of overwhelming pride when you think of being Torontonian? When you marvel at the way our downtown urban landscape has really “grown-up” in the past few decades?

If you at all can relate to this feeling, the video below will solidify it as it takes you through portions of downtown areas familiar and recognizable to most.

With a very artistic eye, the creator Tom Ryaboi uses time-lapse photography in his City Rising video to capture the morning hours of our city, complete with fog rolling in and clouds drifting across the frame.

I must say that with the fast pace of change and development in the coming years and the continued cityscape additions, a video like this will need to be remade just to keep up to speed with the city!

(And for those looking for brownie points, if you thought the photo in the featured image part of this post is a view from College Park… you’re correct! It is in fact a shot from the north side of the building looking down into the intersection of Bay and College. Look for it in the video above.)