Tammy Leibner

Going the extra mile, staying up to date, and getting the best results possible. This is what clients get when they work with me.

My specialty lies in helping people lease, buy, and sell residential properties. For me, there’s no greater pleasure than being able to help clients make some of their biggest decisions with the utmost confidence and reaping the rewards – whether that’s a new home, a sound investment, or a better return.

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Tammy Leibner

Sales Representative

Phone: 647-291-7087

I’ve lived in Toronto for most of my life. I grew up here, I went to school here (having graduated from York University with a degree in Communications and Film Studies), and I now work here. I love the city, which is why I am committed to helping people make it their home, too.

“After months of searching I finally found my new place and I love it! If you are ever looking to move, using Tammy Leibner as my real estate agent helped make my search super easy and she never gave up on my picky self so I’m sure she will help you too! Thanks Tammy.” – Amanda Mulligan

I pride myself on being able to constantly adapt to change. The market is always moving, and being able to stay up-to-date in an ever-changing market is my top priority. Going to great lengths for my clients is part and parcel of doing a great job. I am fully dedicated to the people I serve, and my job is not done until their goals are reached.

Outside of work, I love exploring the city with friends, doting on my young niece or my dog Abby, doing yoga, going to the movies or the theatre, and travelling all over the world. After all, going out to see the world makes coming home to where you belong that much better!

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